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What do a guy, a girl, a broken drone, a terrorist plot, an electric scooter and possibly an alien artifact have in common? Well, obviously this book. But how are they connected and why on earth did they all end up in a sci-fi novel?

Ah, that is the question! Read on to find out. This may well be a complete waste of your time. But then again, maybe not. There is only one way to find out…

Progress Report delivers action, adventure and humour while posing challenging questions such as value and actions of the individual as opposed to the value and actions of society as a whole, and exploring nature of morality, value of human life, global terrorism, civilisational conflicts and other profound isues.

To the reader

Please be advised that this interactive experiment is a sci-fi novel in an ongoing process of being written. As a result, you are essentially reading the first draft of a book – with all its rough edges and missed bloopers, grammar and punctuation errors and the rest of the things that you as a reader are not supposed to see. So bear with it, if you can, and don’t forget to tell me whether it was worth it.

At this time a portion of this novel is complete, and I’m stradily working on the rest. The first chapters are going to be published rapidly, with minimal editing, and then I will continue publishing as often as I can manage it. You can subscribe to Progress Report Facebook page or to the mailing list at the bottom of this page, to be notified of new chapters being published.

Feel free to comment – you can do so under every chapter. Share your thoughts and you might even affect the plot of this book. Be gentle, as all creative people are very fragile, and I am no exception. But be honest – as there is nothing better than the truth. Speaking of truth – I don’t have a slightest idea whether this book is any good. Honestly – none. My normal mental toolkit that I use to judge a book quality with, has surprisingly failed me when it came to reading my own. So I’ve decided to publish it online and get your feedback, before I do anything else.

Writing this book is an exciting and wonderful journey for me, and I can only hope that you have as much fun reading it as I’m having writing it. My goal is to maintain a fragile balance of adventure, mistery, intellect and humour. Am I successful in this? You tell me. I don’t have a clue…

Trigger warning

These days people are too sensitive, so being a nice guy that I am, I have to warn you: this book does not serve or tries to smuggle in any political or ideological messages, however it does not care for political correctness either. I hope you find it interesting, engaging and occasionally amusing – or in the worst case it will help you to doze off at night. The book explores humanity without an ideological lens. Ideologically posessed people from all corners of political spectrum may find this problematic. Same applies to people that celebrate victimhood or identify themselves more with a specific group than with their own individuality. Unlike emotionally mature people, they may find some things in this book unsettling. It practically writes itself and goes wherever and plot takes it, and even I do not know at this moment where it will end up. You have been warned…

So, let’s get on with it. Click on the “74%” button (you will understand why soon enough, I promise) to start reading…

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