Progress Report book - sci-fi techno-thriller

Would you like to download the best science fiction adventure ever written?

Then I don’t know what you are doing here – go read something else. On the other hand, if you want to download the Progress Report in a convenient ebook format on your device – read on.


The Progress Report is not finished yet, it is in the process of being written. But it’s getting along just fine, thank you very much, so it will be finished quite soon. Please subscribe to the mailing list below, or to the Facebook page, and you will be notified when the ebook becomes available.


You can read this book while it’s being written right here online, absolutely free. Isn’t free the best? Please please love this book as you love free things…  This website is mobile-friendly, so you can read on your phone while commuting or in your browser when you pretend to be working. It also works great when you are procrastinating while working from home. I have tested this mode myself – it works great!


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