Progress Report book - sci-fi techno-thriller

Would you like to download the best science fiction adventure ever written?

Then I don’t know what you are doing here – go read something else. On the other hand, if you want to download the Progress Report in a convenient ebook format for your device – congrats, you made it!


You can read this book online, or download it for your Kindle or other readers absolutely free. Isn’t free the best? Also, this website is mobile-friendly, so you can read on your phone while commuting or in your browser while you pretend to be working. It also works great when you are procrastinating while working from home. I have tested this mode myself – it works great!

If you want to support this project and contribute towards the ebook release and a paperback release – do not hesitate for a minute and use the links below.

You can support this project by scanning the QR code.