Un. Be. Lie. Va. Ble! 

Just like that, out of the blue, without any warning or small talk – an arrow pointing down has just materialized on the far wall. I stared at it in stupor for a minute, with exactly zero thoughts in my head, just not comprehending. Then I approached to investigate, and what the arrow was pointing down to was a universal charging station icon on the floor below. 

Carefully I placed my phone on the icon and guess what? The battery indicator went up and up and five minutes later my phone was fully charged again!

There have been no other signs of a living soul or a functioning AI on board, but I can definitely say now that the mothership is not just not dead but it is actually aware of my presence and is willing to charge my phone. That has to count as a friendly gesture of some kind. There is hope now that it won’t let me starve or suffocate. So my glass is half-full now, and I’m adopting an optimistic outlook on life. Let’s see how long it lasts. Oh, I shouldn’t have said a cynical thing like that. This was it, the optimism is gone now. Oh well… Still, I am not as pessimistic about my situation as I was before, and that has to count for something.

Well, the phone is charged now, but I cannot say the same about poor old me. It is only now that I realize just how much apprehension and tension there was. I was tense as a garage door spring. Ouch, I must really be exhausted to dig up that metaphor from the depths of my tired mind again. Actually, that’s exactly what I am trying to say. I can’t even remember when it was that I slept last time. I’m so freaking tired I can’t think straight. 

The rush of adrenaline has eventually subsided, as noone has tried to talk to me or interact with me in any way for quite a while since the charger incident. 

Now that nothing much is happening, and there is finally hope that I will survive for a little longer, I have to take a nap. You will have to excuse me, but this chapter is going to be short. 

Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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