The artifact awaits…

For agents and publishers: the full manuscript is available upon request.

A big thanks to all my followers and beta readers for the valuable feedback while I was working on the novel! The manuscript is now complete. I’m currently actively seeking a publishing deal. If you like the sample chapters, please subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when the book is published and available for sale.


An accidental discovery of a mysterious alien artifact puts humanity on the brink of nuclear apocalypse…


It is not paranoia, when every self-driving car is out to get you.
Can a computer geek survive the hunt? How about saving the world in the process?


Art, a computer geek and a refugee from the New Russian Empire, stumbles upon an alien artifact. By pursuing its veiled enigma, he puts himself in mortal danger, without even knowing it. They say curiosity killed a cat. Can Art discover the shocking truth behind the artifact and survive?


Progress Report delivers action, adventure and humor while exploring the profound questions of individual responsibility, freedom and privacy in the information age, nature of morality, value of human life, civilizational conflicts and global terrorism.

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