The artifact awaits…

What do a guy, a girl, a broken drone, a terrorist plot, an electric scooter and possibly an alien artifact have in common? Well, obviously this book. But what else? How are they connected and why on earth did they all end up in a sci-fi novel?


Ah, that is the question! Read on to find out. This may well be a complete waste of your time. But then again, maybe not. There is only one way to find out…


Progress Report delivers action, adventure and humour while exploring challenging philosophical questions about the individual human being’s actions and values in a technological society, nature of morality, value of human life, global terrorism, civilisational conflicts and other profound issues.


You can read this book online absolutely free. Isn’t free the best? This website is mobile-friendly, so you can read it on your phone while commuting or in your browser when you pretend to be working. It also works great when you are procrastinating while working from home. I have tested this mode myself – it works great! This book is certified procrastination-friendly on any device. Try it and let me know if it works for you. You can also download the ebook in ePub or Amazon Kindle formats.

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